Harsha Vardhan

A student and practitioner of design from the last 6 years and a recent graduate of CIID , Harsha looks for the right questions & meaning in human interactions within the Physical, Digital and the Systemic. As part of the Frugal Digital research, he is currently working on ecosystems around mobile technologies for the screening and management of hearing impairment in India.

Manas Karambelkar

Manas is a recent graduate of CIID. As an Interaction Designer he is sensitive towards technology and social trends. He tries to derive greater value from existing technologies and systems as well as envisions a tomorrow which is socially responsible. He is interested in developing platforms and systems which go beyond a single purpose and can evolve in various directions through user interaction and involvement. Currently he is working as a research associate and an interaction designer for Frugal Digital on developing a platform to gather public opinion in Indian context through minimal technology and existing infrastructure.

Martin Tai Lyhne Jensen

Martin describes himself as a humanist by nature, creative generalist by education and Interaction Designer by profession. Martin is interested in hands-on people centered exploration of technology, social action, and the critical application of design to prototype unbelievable ideas into powerful reality. As part of the Frugal Digital Research Group Martin is seeking to demystify and democratize technology - and pilot it towards the inspired imagination and skillful hands of individuals and communities who are ready to create the change they believe in. Martin has recently returned to Copenhagen from Cape Town (ZA) after collaborating with local grassroot innovators, around new use of mobile technologies, to increase the organizational capacity of young activist communities.

Priya Mani

Priya runs the Frugal Digital on a everyday basis. She lived in India before moving to Denmark and formerly worked as a Design Consultant to the Govt. of India on Craft Cluster Development Projects. She consults as a Design Researcher, planning and conducting field work and design ideation. She is also the founder of Fennel, a grassroots initiative for craft design and development in India.

Varun Perumal

Varun is a Research Associate at Frugal Digital. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Engineering Physics. He believes that simple innovations in design, technology and the application of technology can be harnessed to build powerful ecosystems. Varun is an engieer, designer and hardware hacker trying to effect this ecosystem one small innovation at a time. At Frugal Digital, Varun has been at the core of building our technical stuff with Vinay Venkatraman.

Vinay Venkatraman

Vinay initiated the Frugal Digital initiative and is its concept & technology mentor. In 2006 he co-founded CIID and since then has been actively involved in building numerous initiatives including a consultancy practice, a big data visualization academy etc. His work ranges from user driven innovation to helping large multinationals in systemic revisualization to institutions working with technology implementation in communities. He travels and lectures widely on this accord to create and disseminate knowledge on the creative applications of open source technologies that can create social change.

Zubin Pastakia

Zubin is an interaction designer working in Mumbai.