[ students, interns, tinkerers, local innovators etc ]We are keen to work with individuals in different parts of the world and explore new projects, share resources and also make resources / labs and facilities available for your use.

There are two ways to apply as an individual:

1. You can apply to be a research associate with frugal digital if you already have a research track and have clear ideas to pursue. Please write to us with a 1 page summary of what your research is about along with images / video etc. We will evaluate your proposal and get back to you in 2 weeks time. This is a rolling process with no specific deadlines. Please write to with subject line “Research Associate”.

2. You can apply to be a research intern and if selected, you will be provided training and guidance to work within the research agenda of frugal digital & CIID. You must be a student or a recent graduate to apply. Please write to with subject line “Research Intern”.

Institutional collaborators
[ governments, non profits, universities etc ]We are seeking to create alliances with governmental organisations and Non profits to come up with shared agendas, exchange knowledge and embed our innovation methods in different contexts. Please write to

[ start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporates ]

We are keen to explore new model of applying innovation in the digital context. We hope to work with numerous companies and start ups with the vision of explore implementation opportunities.

The team has been working with large companies / corporates too in numerous projects too. We would like to continue doing so and work together on trying to integrate our research and methods in context of new product development and shifting industry paradigm or finding new market opportunities. Please write to