Bsmrt !

Today many people think of their smart phones more as being “a small computer” than “just a phone”.


Printing your own business

The Zulu word NOMANINI translates to ‘anytime’, and is also the name of a recently developed product offering claiming to “effectively provide a “mini-business” to entrepreneurs in under-serviced informal-settlements, outlying rural areas and overlooked inner-city centre markets. (more…)

Could urban “informality” bring digital frugality?

It has been estimated that at least 10 percent of South Africa’s 44 million people reside in “urban informal settlements” – or “townships”. What can we see and learn from here? (more…)

To waste or not to waste…

While some might just see a pile of trash – to a small scale farmer in the suburbs of Cape Town, most things here could eventually find a relevant purpose – and are therefore stored until their significance will reveal itself. However one thing is for certain – that old cartop could come in handy as a rooftop window some day…


With a little help from the sun…

Just like the telecommunication industry the solar power industry of South Africa is also experiencing a vastly expanding market. (more…)

The Mesh Potato – a DIY telephone company toolkit

Village Telco

If this little 79$ device allows a community to bypass the high priced monopoly of the telephone service providers – then what could be the next “regulator bottlenecked” infrastructure to challenge by Frugal Digital invention?


Learning in practice

What do you need to get inspired about electronics? (more…)

Free inspiration!

Where do you go when you are inspired by electronics and want to learn more – these boys go to their local cellphone repair shops! (more…)

Community Containers

All through Cape Towns informal settlements old cargo containers are being repurposed as shops servicing the local community. (more…)

Live Design. Transform Life – Cape Town as World Design Capital 2014

How can Frugal Digital take part in raising this awareness about design and exemplify scaleable “design-led social development projects”? (more…)