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  1. Martin Tai Lyhne Jensen Says :

    Today many people think of their smart phones more as being “a small computer” than “just a phone”.

    Bsmrt is a mobile education service that resides on the MXit chat platform. It was initiated in 2009 by MetaLAB, an organization of social entrepreneurs. Bsmrt provides a free platform for young Africans to access educational content, news, and practical information. Users can also take quizzes, submit jokes and poetry, and give feedback directly to Bsmrt.

    With the introduction of highly networked platforms such as MXit and Bsmrt a vast amount of older generation phones are suddenly leapfrogged into the ethos of online social media – proving a frugal point that the power of social networking is less about accelerating computational potency and hi-def screen resolution, and more about simply enabling the networking of information and experiences of connectedness to a crowd than never had this opportunity before.

    What kind of Frugal Digital information or experiences could be valuable to share like this?

    Can we come up with other examples of how old devices can be combined with innovative thinking to create new platforms for social action?

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