Vinay Venkatraman presents FrugalDigital at TED, TedxSummit in Doha

September - 12 - 2012

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See the TED talk

The low cost blood monitor was presented at TED in April 2012. The device is designed for frontline healthworkers who face the challenges of screening and channeling patients in remote areas towards healthcare facilities.

Read more about the project here

See the TED talk here

Priya Mani

Priya runs the Frugal Digital on a everyday basis. She lived in India before moving to Denmark and formerly worked as a Design Consultant to the Govt. of India on Craft Cluster Development Projects. She consults as a Design Researcher, planning and conducting field work and design ideation. She is also the founder of Fennel, a grassroots initiative for craft design and development in India.

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