Frugal Digital is a research group that focuses on researching methods and practices around creating digital solutions in low resource settings like that of developing economies.

We work on projects to set the framework, create tools and provide inspiration for frugal innovators around the globe.

Frugality is a way of thinking that optimizes given resources, up-cycles and has the spirit of improvisation. We rarely see such an ethos in the digital realm where creating the next generation of products and services are about consuming and costing more. How do we apply frugality to digital life and create solutions that are inexpensive, adaptable, re-purposes or uses available resources and creates valuable knowledge along with new solutions?

This research track was initated with the support of supported of Lauritzen foundation at CIID.

The main functions of the group are:

  • Research new methods and processes
  • Create inspiration projects
  • Work with grassroot innovators and academia
  • Document examples and create case studies